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Trends 2022 Maison & Objet September edition - Part 2

And as promised, here I continue with part 2 of my tour of M&O, a very short summary of 2 intense days of visit, but worth a whole week with the amount of information that I collect, process and then share, excited and happy to visit this kind of exhibitions, always very inspiring.

A special mention to my fellows Argentines, this year I had the pleasure of visiting some of the stands that participated, and I say special mention, because it is an extra effort and a great commitment for these entrepreneurs, artists and independent. This year with the valuable support of Argentine institutions in development and diffusion programs such as The program (Argentinas al Mundo) promotes leadership and equal participation of Argentine women in international business, through the Argentine Agency of Investment and International Commerce.

Beautiful discoveries and encounters with very interesting people, 4 enriching meetings that I will share with you below in a few words:

Beautiful person and admirable creativity, we share a city and common friends from our beloved Rosario.

Klik Iluminacion is an eclectic and modern fusion guided by simple and pure shapes, mostly flat, straight and circular volumes, a color palette limited by black-white and the organicity of natural wood. The result is charmingly imperfect and unique objects of light. My favorite SUMO, with that model Jimena obtained the label for good design through the Argentine National Design Plan for its participation in sustainable local production and quality of its design.

Another beautiful encounter, fascinating person, overflowing with energy and creativity Carolina Ball of Berry Design, specialists in wallpaper that stand out for their quality and timeless design, accompanying their list of products are woven rugs and blankets, it was enriching to meet you!

I had the pleasure to personally meet Ines and Paula, excellent ambassadors of this international project that they have been promoting for a long time, I loved their stand, their high quality products that are so representative of my homeland. About them: "With a focus on high quality and unique products that exemplify Argentine culture, leather and fur were chosen because they are natural products made in an ethical and sustainable manner. Each product is hand finished by skilled artisans. All our hides and skins are responsibly produced in Argentina and undoubtedly reflect our identity."

Pioneers in natural fibers and made in Argentina, a company recognized worldwide, exports to the world and continues with its philosophy and respect for the environment, a pleasure to have met them in M&O and learn a little more about their responsible production. I love natural fibers.

I should also highlight the presence of Belgian design at M&O, the country that is hosting me at the moment, a country with great representatives of local design. There are many who participate in M&O, but I share with you some new discoveries and the ones that caught my attention here below.

Libeco: A renowned and recognized textile manufacturing brand, Libeco, is characterized by its production of 100% Belgian linen, with extraordinary quality and a complete line for the home, beauty and commitment can never fail.

PAJUDesign: Belgian brand with in-house designs focus on sustainability, a nice discovery from this brand that recently launched a complete line of Indoor Candles & Diffusers

Outdoor Candles & Rugs & Accessories.

D&M: In the same line of interior and exterior decoration I bring this pioneering Belgian company D&M Deco which was founded in 1992, they are at the forefront of trends and developments in the sector and are always looking for sustainable materials and production processes, specialists in the B2B sector.

J-Line: One of the top representatives of Belgian interior design, J_line, always brings trends with a twist of elegance and internationality. Its modern and classic lines at the same time fit with all styles and tastes.

Serax: It is impossible not to mention Serax, a pioneer in the creation of contemporary kitchenware, based on collaborations with renowned (inter)national designers and craftsmanship. Creativity and inspiration are the order of the day when you look at their productions.

And of course I have to share those loves at first sight that happen to me in M&O, I share with you 3 that surprised me for being an original project, functional as well as beautiful and aesthetic.

Atmosfera: Boomerang

Croatian design as ingenious as beautiful and versatile, tell me if this chair is not great, in this line rethink, reuse, respect this chair that becomes table, bench in a simple and infinite way, with a symmetrical design base in wood and an easy assembly system, is not only functional and ingenious design, it is also beautiful and aesthetic, and above all environmentally friendly.

Porter+Trundle: Loop Side Table

The shapes, the curves, the delicacy with which the glossy finish looks like another material, and when the designer Sarah explains to me that it is wood, handcrafted in her workshop in London, piece by piece, assembled and mounted, it is exciting to listen to her. While I was attracted to the shape of this object and its colors, listening to the processes and the work involved in arriving at this finished product is fascinating.

6ixtes: Electrical Switches

When it comes to home accessories, a nice discovery of this French brand of electrical switches, an elegant, simple and very aesthetic range, I love the colorful and wooden line they have, more eco friendly than plastic and I also like their opaque finishing.

The most beautiful part is to meet the designers behind each creation, their passion, their determination is fascinating and inspiring.

I hope you enjoyed the reading and my humble and personal M&O inventory, do not hesitate to visit each project, I linked each name for you to share, get inspired and spread the word.




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