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OSB, an affordable and environmentally friendly wood alternative with a versatile stylish look.

Today I bring you a little more information about OSB, and my personal experience of my OSB laundry room project.

A particularly trendy material for decoration in general, OSB panels.

You can see that OSB panels are valuable allies from the floor to the ceiling through the walls to create unique atmospheres with a raw rendering and at a very affordable price. Emphasizing its environmental friendliness.

What is the OSB?

The OSB, stands for Oriented Strand Board, It is composed of thin, long, oriented strands of softwood glued together from thinning or logs, which form a "mat" of three crossed layers. The particles or chips are embedded in a solution of glue, resin and wax and then pressed together. As a general rule, OSB wood offers a proportion of 95% wood and 5% glue/resin/wax mixture.

Strengths of the OSB panel:

  • Solid: With a thickness of between 6 and 25 mm, the OSB panel provides good sound and heat insulation, and is also resistant to moisture. Does not deform and offers an excellent bending/stiffness ratio.

  • Green: The recovery of chips allows to optimize the material and to valorize the thinning wood (wood cut to reduce the density of the trees and let the young trees breathe) from which they come. Moreover, it can be recycled when it is no longer used.

  • Affordable: This material has a very good price/quality ratio, for a board of 59 cm by 2m44 and a thickness of 18mm will cost you approximately 15 €.

  • Versatile: It can be cut, glued with other panels, painted, coated with product, stained, varnished ... while remaining solid and durable.It can be used to make furniture, but also to decorate work spaces, wall panels, closet doors and staircases.Used as a decorative object, the OSB panel brings a natural and raw side and also brings warmth to a room.

My OSB project - The laundry room

The starting point of this project, besides the challenge of arranging this space, was also to use OSB for the first time. The budget side weighed a lot in the choice, besides having taken into account its planet friendly character.

My goal was to create this laundry room space, useful, practical, organized, economical and fast, but also aesthetic and original, as is every space in the loft.

Pinterest ideas and research, interior catalogs and magazines, internet research, were some of the tools to give me an idea of what I was looking for. Once I gathered some images I assembled everything in a moodboard, (canvas) an indispensable step to start imagining the space.

I called a carpenter friend with whom I had already done other jobs and told him about the project, although he had already worked with this wood, it was the first time he would use it in this decorative way.

Together we drew up plans, took measurements, optimized the space in order to make the most of it and create a small but functional laundry room with ample storage space.

After several tests we settled on this form of base structure, a block of OSB, which was to contain the washing and drying machines on one side and the sink on the other, with two blocks above and below for storage.

The details and paint finish, were intended to be simple but in a way that would elevate the wood and add character to the furniture.

An interior led was included, aesthetic but functional at the same time.

An extra shelf to the right, in the same wood was thought as a food storage space also in the same aesthetic line to complete the set.

The details count a lot, as you can see there is also ambience in that space, carpets, plants, accessories, even the smallest wall space was used to hang everything related to a laundry room and above all to optimize the maximum the reduced space, with a very low budget and a lot of creativity.

Here are some more ideas found in my research about the different decorative uses of OSB, which really make a great impact.

I hope I have inspired you a little bit to take into account this versatile material with personality that meets so many necessary requirements in this difficult time we are going through, low cost, recyclable and easy to handle.

Thanks for reading me, and don't hesitate to comment, share and ask questions!



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