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Interior Decorator  I  Event Stylist & Props  I Founder of TRENZAR

Impregnated with folkloric and bohemian airs, Violeta has developed a very personal stylish that has been enriched during her numerous trips and residences in different continents.


With this stamp, Violeta defines herself as a maximalist, considering each decorative object unique and exceptional, with a history, a life of its own.

She is characterized by a stylish bohemian-chic style, influenced by her experience in Paris-France and by her artistic reminiscences of French Bohemia. But her Argentine origins play an important role in her appreciation for the value of the Autochthonous, strongly influencing her taste for ethnic style and her appreciation for handmade objects. Finally, her last residence in California (USA) reinforced her attention to the environment, influenced by a set of trends very characteristic of Southern California.

Decorating, styling and attention to detail have always been a passion and a way of life for Violeta, including her early studies, which began in the field of international tourism, airlines and travel.

During this learning period, Violeta experienced the decoration of events, themed parties and styling, with a great experience in creating magical and harmonious spaces, and where the art of artistic staging forged her in a meticulous and consistent way with her passion.


With this luggage full of experiences and enrichments, Violeta lands in Brussels where she settles permanently and begins to develop her long-awaited personal project, a space dedicated to her passions, uniting her two worlds.




By founding TRENZAR, Violeta aims to maintain a connection with her roots. She has taken on the challenge of interweaving, like a braid, her two worlds, her two cultures that coexist within her by highlighting artists, creations, and crafts from both South America and Europe, linking the past and the present.

TRENZAR aims to reflect the fusion of two cultures by interweaving art in a way that brings to mind not only Violeta's braid, but also the braids worn by women throughout South America. Therefore, TRENZAR seeks to carry the story, culture, and traditional craftsmanship from Argentina to Belgium.

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We believe that art and sustainability go hand in hand. Our project is founded on the values of responsible consumption, ethical production and supporting local communities. We work with artists to create artisanal pieces using noble and low-impact materials, ensuring that each piece is both beautiful and sustainable.


TRENZAR offers an unprecedented journey through authentic works by a dozen artists, who create unique handcrafted pieces exclusively for the gallery. The artists are paid at a fair price for their work, reflecting our commitment to support creators and ensuring that their skills are valued and respected.

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