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Trends 2022 Maison & Objet September Edition - Part 1

Last M&O in September 2021, was the first post pandemic edition, the need for change was in the air. The trend was clear and marked, the proposal was strong and aimed to continue with the development of technologies for recycled materials from natural base materials. This year that seed that was planted, flourished, I was impressed by the quantity and variety of proposals from recycled materials recovered, from furniture, decoration, textiles, coatings, paintings, even accessories, all committed to a more attentive look to our planet and responsible consumption. With the help of technology and development applied to these solutions, the range of possibilities has expanded positively.

This year, in addition to having expanded and generalized this trend, there is another important aspect at play: color. Another post-pandemic phenomenon, it emerges as a necessity, as a form of urgency in response to all that is happening in the world.

"Beyond focusing on a new, and sensitive approach to home spaces, design and color, this Color Power restores a certain concept of happiness, joy and good humor right at the heart of the way we want to live. Elizabeth Leriche."

Purple is the color that we saw all this past season and it is here to stay, I gathered some of the exhibitors and booths in the show that represent this vibrant color with great personality, associated with elements of nature and geometric, to further emphasize its strength.

Maximalism, decorative objects that impose themselves by their size, shape and originality. That not only decorate, but that monopolize the space by their size first and then by their aesthetics. I loved the collection presented by Marc Poldermands POLDR (Netherland based company), and especially that it is completely aligned with the sustainability, objects made with durable materials, inspired by nature, natural forms, and biotic materials. Handcrafted by artisans. I fell in love with their objects and colors, the all white living room with maxi lamps, plants and centerpieces, my favorite. But Klein blue, orange and lilac reaffirm the color trend of this season.

And we link this maximalism with an also Netherlands company of decorative objects that I would like to highlight, presenting smaller objects, but that also stand out for their size and colorful, the collection presented by POLSPOTTEN this year characterized by large decorative objects, colorful, geometric, playful and creative for home decoration.

Maximalism and natural fibers is also an excellent combination, which had already started last year but this year is even more accentuated between textures and sizes. I leave you some perfect examples found in M&O, beautiful hanging lamps, decorative objects and statement pieces, but above all the common point of these objects, the materials with which they are made, natural fibers extracted from plants and dyed with natural, meet the common thread of the expo, sustainable and environmentally responsible design.

Curious and trend-setting objects, we return to the colors, which were very present throughout all the halls of the expo, but here I make my selection in a small summary of images captured of the objects that caught my attention for creativity, design, use or simply for the fun that I found on them, I was very surprised by a repetitive image of a design of the colorful pop-up coated virgin, the democratized virgin becomes a trendy and universal object, in wax and colored, it finds its place in many styles of decoration and many rooms of the house J'ai Vu La Vierge, a creative French compagnie of this colorful icon . Also found it in the form of glass for olive oil by Pied de Poule, French company too.

The pop colored statues, flower pots, are also a trend and we see them everywhere, this production made by Sophia Enjoy Thinking, super curious and artistic.

Turn an old bottle into a new light in seconds, Sompex TOP LED table lamp wireless, I find it super ingenious and again reusing a bottle is always a good idea, who does not have bottles around, fits almost all bottles, great, colorful and fun.

To make your snacks more fun and even thematic this brand brings this proposal in ceramics, we had already seen the large ceramic cups and fruit with repetition of lemons, oranges, or grapes but what a curiosity these little ones in the form of almonds and walnuts, to serve the corresponding nuts, I love it, bravo KLevering Collection from Amsterdam.

I was mainly attracted by its colorful presentation, but also because I'm curious and those hangers hanging caught my attention, especially now that I work with Lokal and I am more sensitized to everything that is sustainable fashion ... and I was not wrong ... this Italian company Menoni creates materials and accessories for industry in general, and within its range of ecological products, created this material, tubular paper ribbons with raw materials made from 100% cellulose, its use is very varied and diverse.

The very original and out of the box vases of these two glass artists annedonzévincentchagnon also attracted my attention, so ingenious and beautiful, the collection is called "Deballe ton sac", the mixture of glass and leather fascinated me.

Last but not least, this curious the tulip vase is perhaps the most famous Delft product in the world, this time they go next-level with a polyvalent version of this traditional pyramid vase where you can mix and match and totally personalize yours...just in love with it.

And so we close this post for now, focused on highliting the creativity present at M&O, because I'm sure that those who could not attend this expo and are as passionate about design and trends as I am, will value and take advantage of this personal summary that I share here. I hope you enjoy and share it, soon I will upload the second part.

I wish you an excellent and creative week!




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