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LOKAL Home experience - By Aura & Violeta

The Lokal Home adventure was born from the encounter between Aura and Violeta, two independent entrepreneurs living in Brussels, Violeta, an interior decorator and stylist, and Aura, the founder of Lokal concept store. Born out of their shared passion for creating beautiful spaces that tell a story, their main goal, to work with local artists who create unique, recycled and ethically manufactured home décor and lifestyle pieces.

This experience emerged as a unique and first trial for the month of July 2022, a summer project, and so through open calls, spontaneous applications and meetings with different creators and local artists, we were able to put together this first Lokal Home capsule. A very careful selection of unique objects designed by local artist, new Lokal Space is an answer of a client request, lovers of our store deco.

This unique experience in Brussels was not only for us, but also for Lokal's loyal customers, occasional customers and tourists, since Lokal is located in a central point of Brussels, a few steps away from the Grand Place on a pedestrian street.

It is located in a typical Brussels architecture building of 3 stories, strait and very charming.

The showroom created for the occasion on the second floor has plenty of natural light and a beautiful view of the typical architecture of Brussels Historical center.

As everyone who visited us could appreciate, Lokal Home was a commitment beyond a boutique, a total Lifestyle immersion.

This is how the adventure that was to last a month, was extended for another month, for several reasons. Aura and Violeta formed a team of shock, the participating artists and designers were excellent. The experience in general was a success, and without planning it we found ourselves promoting a new edition, we had the pleasant surprise of being chosen by the Brussels Design September program, to participate with the boutique, and we thought it was great to extend the adventure, that's how it came about without realizing it.

The second edition of Lokal Home, was named: "Dreams of home", and the truth is that there is no other object or image that better represents our project than a cloud, white, fluffy, in Belgium, where clouds abound! But also because "dream" represents Aura and Violeta, dreamers.

There was also a third interpretation , the collection presented for the LK, focus on our customer's needs, that each of our customers can complete their own "dreams of home" with objects displayed and carefully curated in this cozy space like at home.

Lokal home was an enriching experience in learning and encounters. We met creatives and independent designers that we admire and that like us are on the path of entrepreneurship which is not easy, but joining forces we realized that it becomes more rewarding.

Lokal home is growing its community, and above all it continues its path with new projects to come soon for both Aura and Violeta, third edition of Lokal Home????'s not in the plans but who knows? .....

Designers & Artists partners:


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