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Some of my work also extends to window dressing, boutique decorations, staging and outdoor installations. It is one of the most creative parts, and I was lucky to meet people who trust my vision and let me work freely. This is how smoothly I met Aura, the owner of Lokal Concept Store, who entrusted me with the creative part of the boutique a year ago, and with whom we have worked on several projects.

The setting up of each designer exhibited in Lokal, the integral decoration of the 3 stories boutique, as well as the thematic ambiance according to the seasons and the original and attractive window displays are part of my work. Thinking about the theme, telling a story through the windows and creating an impact are part of the different processes we go through. And I can confirm that every time I make an update, seasonal change or renovation in windows display, the acceptance by clients and visitors is immediate, it is very motivating and enriching to see the impact and the results of your dedicated and creative work.


Cozy & warm spaces

With my professional, creative and decorative contribution, Lokal gradually became a dynamic boutique that changes and evolves all the time, enhancing each piece responsibly conceived by each independent designer it represents.

My contribution in Lokal was always aimed at respecting the concept that characterizes it, its vision of creating something conscious, sustainable and fashionable, extending it also to its image and decoration.

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