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Between rustic and modern, the central idea for the conception of this kitchen was to keep the original lines of the house without clashing and update with some practical and contemporary solutions, preserving the original spirit above all things. 


First, we worked on a base of ideas and tasted to define the style, the materials, the furniture, and we made several mood boards to put in images the design, colour palette and textures.

Once the style was defined, we proceeded to represent the work plan in smoothed concrete, the subway-style tiles, the custom made furniture in wood, and all adjusted to the existing appliances in the previous kitchen, a new dishwasher was added despite the small size of the kitchen, the maximum use of space allowed to include it.

The result is a white kitchen with contrasts of wood and black details, with a rustic and practical concrete work plan: accessories and elegant pieces to complete the harmony of this rustic-modern kitchen.

IMG_2821 copy.jpg
IMG_3148.jpg copy.HEIC
IMG_3208.jpg copy.HEIC
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