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Violeta Guerrero Interiors is a full-service interior studio specializing in beautifying spaces, rethinking and optimizing pieces, transforming homes, and commercial properties, located in Brussels.



If you are looking for a new rethinking of your space, optimization, redecoration, customization or a radical change, Violeta is the right person to accompany you in this process of change.

Small or big projects, independent or commercial, Violeta and her team will put all her experience and sensibility in the function of the client's needs, advising and respecting styles and ways of life as indispensable keys in the redecoration process.

With a very peculiar style, Violeta uses noble and raw materials inspired by nature, wood, brick, stone, prioritizing local and handcrafted works.


From the years of her youth until today, Violeta maintains the same commitment to the environment, always present in the recycling and looking for alternatives accessible to all types of customers in terms of budget, practical and ecological solutions, always respecting the environment.

Impregnated with folkloric and bohemian airs, Violeta gestured a very personal style that later expanded enormously through her multiple trips and residences in different continents.


With this imprint, Violeta defines herself as a born maximalist, where every object found in a home tells a story, has a life of its own. She defines herself as a bohemian-chic, influenced by her time in Paris, France and that artistic reminiscence of the French La Boheme.

"The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them."

- David Hicks

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