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Natural shades 75 x 75 cm Cotton & Linen  


Unique & Exceptional piece


HEY JUDE DESIGN is a textile studio in Brussels working with the artisanal techniques of weaving, knotted stitch, crochet, embroidery... The creation process is slow and requires patience and passion for the gesture.


Collections of textile decorations, 100% Made in Belgium, gathering unique self-published pieces. Exclusive piece for Trenzar Gallery.

Tapestry Bañado

  • The charm of each piece in the gallery is to enter into every detail of the piece on display, the magic that has each object is unique and unrepeatable.

    In this case Julie plays and appropriates the theme of the exhibition in order to highlight the ties, the unions, the intertwining and the braids that unite this Belgo-Argentine project.

    The result, this unique piece with personality by Hey Jude Design.
    Julie recovers some of her material at the renowned linen house in belgium Libeco Belgian Linen.

  • Only available for in-store pickup: Chaussée de Waterloo 427, 1050 Brussels

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